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Pandanus Dieback

Pandanus dieback- how extensive is the Jamella Leaf hopper in SE Qld and what can be done about it. It is noted that there may already be some studies into this but we would like to expand on this knowledge and share it along with solutions with the general public.

Project Manager: James Skewes

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James Skewes
James Skewes
May 16, 2018

Spoke with Joel Fostin.

He isn't a PhD student. He is still working on completing his BSc. He has done extensive ground work surveying and reporting to Councils and NPs about the leaf hopper bug problem. He has even been breeding and releasing the parasitic wasp (on his own accords, eco- ninja style). He hasn't done modelling yet he commends it and can lend us his knowledge and data. He will be visiting the GC soon to meet with local councils about the problem. We may get a meet up happening.


James Skewes
James Skewes
May 15, 2018

Made contact with Joel Fostin (USC PhD student). He is enthusiastic for more work to be done. Will speak with him on the phone soon.

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