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Cooloola Recreational Reserve and Great Sandy National Park Exotic Pine Tree Surveys

Exotic pine trees (hybrids of Pinus elliotii, Pinus radiata and Pinus caribaea) are spreading throughout the Cooloola Recreational Reserve in the Great Sandy National Park, Rainbow Beach. These trees are introduced, invasive and a weed - once established they take over an area using allelopathic biochemicals to inhibit the growth of native plants. On a regional scale this diminishes the biodiversity of local native flora and subsequent fauna over time

Earthy Inc in conjunction with Qld NPWS , have setup a long-term research project to assess the rate of spread for this species to help inform strategies that will aid in the exotic pine tree control and removal. Our ecologists and volunteers have been working hard to map and quantify the exotic pine trees via transect surveys throughout the park. Data gathered is being used to correlate tree age (determined by growth rings) with tree size for the local area while long-term survey plots track changes over time.

This ongoing project is helping to facilitate optimal management of the exotic pine trees by pinpointing efforts and monitoring the effectiveness of control measures over time. Managing the future spread and removal of established trees will greatly benefit the local biodiversity. Our goal at Earthy inc is to help with the preservation of this environmentally sensitive yet recreationally significant National Park while assisting the reserve to thrive into the future.

Identifying Native Plants with online tools

Earthy inc. are the recipients of the Get Online Week Grant, funded Australian Governments Be Connected initiative and managed by The Good Things Foundation.

Plant identification has a very long, centuries old tradition and in the last decade, especially the last few years, plant identification has gone through an online revolution. Now is the perfect time to learn how to use these newly available online resources, regardless if you are new to plant identification, or a seasoned botanist. The entire lecture will take place online and focused on using resources that are available online for native flora only.

Professional botanists Jonathon Winnel will run through the online tools available. Earthy inc. will continue to support this event by providing a webpage with tips and links for ease of access and future use.

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More projects are currently under construction and will be uploaded when appropriate
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