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​​​We envisage becoming a recognised group of environmental professionals who work to gather, collate, present and share unbiased scientific information for community dissemination, improved government and private sector decision making by providing open access knowledge to allow considered environmental management decisions, thus endearing active community stewardship of environmental management.

A word from James Skewes
Founder and Director

James is passionate about the conservation of ecological processes in forests on the landscape level, and specialises in trees and shrub species of the Brigalow Belt Bio-region across Queensland and New South Wales. James has also worked as an educator for coastal dune systems and a supervisor of a large bush regeneration company as well as an educator and facilitator for large community groups. James also enjoys engaging his creative side by making educational nature documentaries with the aim to educate and entertain.

       "I am so pleased to bring together and present our team of experts and passionate supporters. Each of us have our own unique passions, skills and experience in the environmental industry to bring to Earthy Inc. and we are all willing to make the most of these combined skill-sets. I am looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together. Australia’s natural environment is unique both ecologically and physically; a landscape that represents a rich history of land management. We have reached a time where robust and rigorous scientific based environmental management is critical for the conservation of our unique flora and fauna. Members of Earthy Inc. are able to provide the research and communication that is needed to ensure informed decisions are made by those who are in a position to make changes."

Joanna Pittard
Dr Jed Sack

Jed is committed to improving environmental health, water quality and waste management systems, and supporting a sustainable development industry. He has experience as a construction environmental advisor and ecologist across major projects in Queensland. Now he's working towards a career in health, and hopes to combine skills from both career paths to make improvements with Earthy Inc.

Joanna is passionate about ecology and education. Joanna has not only spent several  years working as an educator  across all year levels, she is also a highly respected ecological consultant. Joanna’s consulting experience includes environmental monitoring, auditing, flora and fauna ecological assessments and reporting, specialised fauna management and overall environmental project management.

Dr Mariel Familiar Lopez
Permits Officer
Joel Hayes
Social Media Communicator

Mariel is a passionate field biologist trained in Mexico City, with a PhD in ecology, amphibian conservation
and climate change research. Mariel is well known for her research into the Chytrid Fungus and associated diseases in frogs in South East Queensland. She is also an enthusiastic science teacher sharing her knowledge and love for wildlife. 

Jonathon Winnel
Grant Writer

Jonathan is a dedicated ecologist, botanist and consultant committed to the conservation of biodiversity and wild places. Jonathon has worked as a consultant in Queensland helping develop collaborative solutions to complex environmental problems. He has written ecological restoration plans, endangered plant recovery plans, protected plant harvesting plans and undertaken various targeted ecology surveys and ecological impact assessments across Queensland. He authored a book on the identification of introduced flora in the Bowen and Surat basins. Jonathon also worked as a technician at the Australian National Herbarium helping manage the national flora collection of Australia. Jonathon writes grant proposals and provides expert ecological advice to Earthy. 

Professionally Joel is a Scientific Technician, having worked on some incredible projects throughout his  career across the globe. Joel is currently working on a Solar Powered Electric Camper Van. Joel works as an environmental educator and coastal community facilitator. In the past he was a scientific diver in Nova Scotia, and a wildlife management officer. His goal is to make use of his photography and film making skills, and combine these with his love and understanding for the natural world. Joel likes to be considered a generalist, having a broad applicable knowledge of many things to allow himself to be useful in most situations.

Daniel Parker

Daniel is at the forefront of Catchment Management, freshwater and seawater quality and in-stream health. He is determined to find innovative and improved approaches  in order to apply them and has had outstanding positive results. He is also an enthusiastic bird watcher and botanist. Dan hopes to help Earthy inc. achieve conservation goals and to expand on his already broad understanding of the environment.

Nicholas Doriean

Nicholas has had an in depth career focused on eco-toxicology assessment and management, and is currently undertaking his PhD in the same field, focusing on detecting nutrients and heavy metals in the benthic layers of catchment systems. Nicholas is passionate about undertaking research that has practical and beneficial use in today's environment and he supports Earthy Inc. using his practical knowledge.

Lauren Eade

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